Frequently Asked Questions

Who handles your showings?
I would recommend having a showing service company handle them.  I use Centralized Showing Service.  When a agent calls in to see your home, this company will verify who they are and confirm that they have access to show homes.  Then the company will contact you, the seller, to make sure the timing is okay.
What are the costs to sell our home?
You will have to pay the title fees to the title company.  The fees will cover the closing agent getting all documents ready, all liens being researched and/or closed, the filing fee to the State of Colorado, etc.
You will have to pay the other real estate agent.  I do recommend that you pay the 2.5% - 2.8% fee.  (The other agent could have been working for months to find their customer a home).  If you won't want to pay the fee please call me to discuss.  
But the "$5,000 sells" will cover the showing fee, photos, and all of our fees.  
Who handles the money?
All money will be handled by the title company.
What does it cost to remodel this home?
I would love to help you design and estimate the cost to remodel the home you are interested in.  I have a great list of sub contractors that have worked with me through the years.  We can chat about how much money you will need and the best way to structure it.